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Found one of our digitalfish signature items? The little glass fish are our geocaching calling cards. Move them from cache to cache, create a school of them, and track them!


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13641 fish have been spawned into the world.

10445 Geocachers have logged at least one catch and/or release of our fish.

5053 fish have swum to downstream caches.

Fish #8686 has traveled 414395.99 miles.

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Recent Activity

09/01/2014 #12294 spudpn caught it
08/31/2014 #13266 J&d dipped it into GC2KXWH
08/31/2014 #9106 Dispatcher & Granny G dipped it into GC3054G
08/31/2014 #1662 CONDOR9000 released it into GCF2
08/31/2014 #9106 Dispatcher & Granny G caught it
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